Netflix in Mexico: An Example of the Tech Giant’s Transnational Business Strategies

AUTOR/A(ES): Gómez, R., & Muñoz Larroa, A.
AÑO: 2022

Enlace de la publicación

Gómez, R., & Muñoz Larroa, A. (2022). Netflix in Mexico: An Example of the Tech Giant’s Transnational Business Strategies. Television & New Media, 0(0).

Netflix, as a tech company, is currently the largest global streaming platform challenging traditional US studios. This article analyses Netflix’s transnational business strategies disrupting such status quo by focusing on one local example: Mexico. Literature on Netflix has identified some of the transnational strategies studied here, this article adds to the discussion the use of local elements to infiltrate the power hub of Hollywood. By using the holistic scope of Political Economy, this research presents an integrated examination of: (a) the structural conditions of the Mexican audiovisual system in which Netflix is immersed; (b) the tech company’s expansion strategies; (c) the case of the movie Roma as a pivot-like tactic to push forward different company goals. The article argues that Netflix, by setting a new form of audiovisual circulation through innovation technology, has understood the key areas to break the audiovisual market value chain allowing it to gain global dominance.


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