Spanish works on subscription video-on-demand services – 2024

AUTOR/A(ES): Luis A. Albornoz, M. Trinidad García Leiva, Pedro Gallo
AÑO: 2024

This report analyzes the Spanish audiovisual works available on six U.S. subscription video-on-demand services offered in Spain. In addition to the presence of Spanish works, the main mechanisms used to give prominence to them are examined. The study focuses on the analysis of the following services (in order of arrival in Spain): Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, Apple TV+, Disney+ and SkyShowtime.

As detailed, the offer of Spanish works in the catalogs of Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, Apple TV+, Disney+ and SkyShowtime has increased by 184 titles in January 2024 compared to January of the previous year. This growth is mainly on the fiction content side. These six U.S.-based services host 1,591 unique Spanish titles, including a total of 380 international co-productions with the participation of Spanish companies.

The increase in the number of Spanish works has occurred in parallel with the growth in the total size of the catalogs. This has kept the percentage of local works available somewhat stable – around 7% on average. In addition, most of the services include various mechanisms that serve to highlight the presence of local productions. There are no major variations with respect to the last two years. Netflix continues to be the service that uses the most numerous and complex set of mechanisms to highlight Spanish works in its offer.

The report is available from June 21 for consultation and download after the presentation at the 8th edition of Conecta FICTION & ENTERTAINMENT.

Access to Edition 2024.

Spanish version, here.

Edition 2023 in Spanish and English.


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